theres something funky going on with xanga... so i gotta blog here. i hate blogger now. heh. so anyways.. yeaterday i didn't like brad anymore, but then tiffany was like 'u like him' and i was like 'no i don't!!' and she was like.. 'katie.. you like him' and i was like.. 'NOO!!' and then she was like.. 'yes you do!!' and i was like.. 'yea i guess i do.. :o[ '.. oh well.. wat can i do..

so today he was looking pretty damn sexy if i say so myself.. :o) .. i love that kid soo much. everyone thinks im so stupid.. well dammit.. i can't help it ok? do they reallie think i enjoy crushing on a guy that i have no chance with? no.. i don't.. and i also dont enjoy how much it hurts when i realize he'll probably never like me.. so get off my ass people!! you're just gonna have to learn that it's my life and i can do whatever the hell i want with it and i can like whoever the hell i want..



my xanga

go there now because blogger isn't kewl anymore :o)


bye bye blogger?

i think i wanna get a xanga cuz you can do a lot more and it's kewler. blogger reallie pisses me off sometimes. we'll see what happens with stupid junky blogger...


the day after

wow i had a pretty awesome day yesterday!! after school i went home, packed some clothes, took a shower, and then tiff and her mom picked me up. we went to walmart and got some ice cream and water and then we went and picked up alicia and ashley. we went and got some dinner at chili's and it was soo yummie! we got some queso dip as an appetizer. ashley and i basically ate the whole thing!! don't deny it ash, you know we did.. lol.. haha sitting at the table behind us there was a guy and four girls and one of them was his girlfriend.. ahhahahah they were soo funnie.. one of the other girls totally liked the guy cuz she was twirling her hair while she was talknig to him.. ooo and then their food came and the cheapo guy was sharing his dinner with his g/f.. hahaha what a loser!! ok i'm sorrie that just reallie bugged me. so then when we were done eating we got back into the car and drove to tiff's house. when we got there we watched some tv and went online.. and you guys!! i'm sorrie i was being such a stupid butt last nite when we were online.. yea u guys can go ahead and say it.. whipped.. i kno, trust me. so anyways, after we were online we went in the living room and we were just laying on the floor talking and stuff. then we went back and sat on the big couch and we started watching "not another teen movie".. i only saw a little, but it was soo stupid!! ok so what if "she's all that" is a teen movie? it was such a good movie!! plus, freddie prinze jr. is damn sexy!! :o) .. k so then we kinda fell asleep. well i thought i did, but i heard like "gangta's paradise" or something playing and i was like.. what the hell? so when i woke up i asked alicia what the heck it was cuz i thought i was dreamnig and she was like.. lol yea i was watching a movie and that song was in it.. i was like woaaa i thought i was going nuts. lol so.. yea. we got up and dressed and junk and left at like, 10:15.. then i came home and to my fourtune surprise, my sister was walknig out of the house because she was going to lisa's. so haha i got to get rid of her again. so tonight i get to be home by myself because mommy has to work and her and daddy are going to dinner at delany and murphy's. another fun filled saturday night.. :o[

i'm not even going to try to touch on the thing that's bothing me rite now because a lot of people actually read this thing and i don't think i want them all to know.. because.. :'o( .. why do guys have to be so complicated?..


finishing it all up

ok so before mi hermana estuvo aqui. haha isn't that so shizzle how i actually knew to use the preterite form and not the imperfect because.. ahh spanish owns me now!! ok so anyways.. last night i was soo stressed. i had that freaken massive load of crap to do for our english project. i swear, if we have another group project to do this year, i'm not doing any more work than i absolutely have to. so anyways, our presentation wasnt that bad. if anyone was bad it was me.. and u kno i didn't reallie care becuz everyone in my group could just kiss my ass!! :o) .. yea, so we were the only group in out class that fit the 30 minute time period. ahh we are awesome!! fourth hour's not so great now are they mrs. h?! haha eighth hour is the shizzle!! :o) .. ok so now that i got that out.. hmm so i had to have my hair in lots of braids for the presentation because i was medusa and u kno i didn't wanna wear my hair like that all day, so katie braided it for me 6th period at lunch. i was walking around the end of 6th, all of 7th, and most of 8th with stupid braids in my hair. haha i looked so ghetto. o yea, i had on my lei too.. i was styyyyylin!! hmm... nothing too exciting happened today. la-di-daaaaaaa... uhm.. o yea!! stupid enrique that sits infront of me in spanish felt that he needed to tell brad i liked him just incase he didn't get it when tiff told him. ok i was like, what the hell?!? then, he also
thought it was necessary to tell jimmy moon that i like brad... urgh...!!!

going from cct to math... hahaha... and then from lunch to bio w/ katie and my hair looknig like bad shizzle. haha it was all braided up cuz i had to be medusa in our english play. then at the end of the day when me n katie were walking to the buses. haha it was kewl cuz we were walknig behind him and james davis and then james went into the locker room and he didn't and and and then we were kinda walking next to him and it was pure shizzle!! woo!!... i'm done for now.. *i'Ll bE bAk*


a revelation

read this:

it was a small bump
a light touch on the shoulder
and i felt nothing
it was as if the past few months
were all erased
because when i looked up
i saw nothing
and i felt nothing
and it doesn't matter
nothing matters
because i don't love you
i love him

pure talent rite? not exactly, but hey-- i'm trying. anyways, it's about my experience today. ok so picture this: it's about 3:30 and i'm leaving my locker with katie. we walk through the doors out of our locker hallway. i try to get through to the right side of the hall when some guy and i bump into each other. i look up and see kevin. instead of freaking out, i just keep on walking... later on i realize that our little incident meant nothing to me. it's kind of weird considering that i've had a crush on the guy since god knows when in october. so this can only mean one thing; my feelings for brad are much stronger than my feelings for kevin, which is weird because i barely know brad and i don't have any classes with him. i mean, the first time i met him was a couple months ago on the bus when he went home with joey. there was just something about him on friday. something good. something that made me smile. i don't know what it is, but whatever it is, i hope it stays with me forever...